SEO optimisation in London

This part of our job is called SEO optimisation for historical reasons, going back to the days when search engines were mere catalogues that would look into your website’s meta tags and index your pages into a library of links. Today, it still has an optimisation component, of course; however, most of the job is to produce the right content and place it at the right place, as much on your website as outside, on the Web.

Search engine and social network content curation algorithms focus more than ever on the actual behaviour of people who visit your website. If your content engages people and make them stay and read everything on your page, you will score priceless karma points. The same goes for backlinks: if nobody clicks on the link to your website, it doesn’t matter where it’s placed – it’s worthless.

There are no shortcuts to a high-quality audience with good conversion rates, only hard work, experience, and the right connections that will help us getting our content about your site posted in the right places, with backlinks that actually bring in visitors (and which Google’s robots fall in love with).