SEO isn’t just optimisation. SEO is about understanding how and why people are looking for something, what they expect. It’s about reading people’s minds.

Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, is an investment into your own brand.

While buying online ads is akin to paying rent for your own website, SEO is an investment into digital real estate. Buying ads is a quick and dirty way to get visitors – easy come, easy go. SEO requires experience, connections, and hard work – but the results in terms of demographics and conversion rates are worth it.

Evolution of visits to your website with the same spend on digital ads vs a good SEO team.

If you have found your long-term market fit and want to grow your business, you have to transition from online ads into SEO. You will reach a much wider audience, and attract visitors who are genuinely interested, as opposed to misclicks, ad fraud and grandpa-who’s-on-the-Internet-once-a-month types.

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From website audits, competitor analytics, and on/off page optimisation, we’ll make sure your business grows out of its AdWord diapers, and starts walking on its own.

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