What Is A Web Audit & Why Do I Need One?

A website SEO audit is a full analysis of everything related to your website’s level of search visibility. A complete and detailed web audit will give you a deeper understanding as to why your site is not generating the traffic you think it should or why your sales and conversions are not improving.

As a website owner it is important for you to know where you stand.
How many of these questions can you actually answer?
1) How many back links do you have?
2) Are any of your back links low quality?
3) Do you have any broken links on your website?
4) Do you have Schema implemented?
5) Is your site loading too slow?
6) Is your URL structure helping or hurting you?
7) Do you have any Meta issues?
8) Does your mobile website pass validation?

SEO Audit checklist:

  • Titles are unique for each page?
  • Titles length is between 50 – 65 characters?
  • Description tag is between 150-160 characters?
  • Description tag is not keyword stuffed?
  • URLS are SEO friendly?
  • H1 Headings for title?
  • Use of H2 and H3 for subheadings
  • Small paragraphs and use of bold, italics
  • Is there a unique logo for the web site?
  • Is there a favicon?
  • Content on the web site is fresh?
  • Content length on post pages?
  • Content optimized for featured snippets?
  • Internal linking – Do you link internal pages?
  • Internal linking – Use of anchor text (is it varied?)
  • Trying to rank for high competitive keywords?
  • Is there an ALT tag for all images?
  • Are image files names descriptive?
  • Image file size is optimized?
  • Blog comments have the ‘nofollow’ tag?
  • External links have the ‘nofollow’ tag (if not from trusted websites)?
  • Banner ads have the ‘nofollow’ tag?
  • Are pages with duplicate or no content, noindex and nofollow?
  • Too many ads above the fold?
  • Checked for invalid use of 301 and 302 redirects?
  • Site implements rel=canonical to identify the original content?
  • Site checked for broken links?
  • Page speed: Average time to load home page?
  • Page speed: Average time to load other pages?
  • Are most important pages linked to from home page?
  • Are most important pages linked to from Sidebar?
  • Is there a user sitemap (html) in the main menu?
  • Is there a ‘related posts’ section below each detail page?
  • Is there an author for all site pages?
  • Is there an About, Contact and Privacy policy page?
  • Is there a breadcrumb on all pages?
  • Is there a custom 404 page?


  • Is the web site registered on Google Webmaster tools?
  • Is the web site registered on Bing Webmaster tools?
  • Checked robots.txt?
  • Is there a valid XML Sitemap?
  • Is the web site registered with Google Analytics?


  • Social media buttons on all pages?
  • Is there a Facebook business page?
  • Is there a Google+ business page?
  • Is there a Pinterest business page?
  • Is there a twitter account?
  • Are social media profiles SEO optimized?
  • Facebook Like box?
  • Google+ Add to circles button?
  • Newsletter and RSS registration?


  • Number and type of inbound links?
  • Opportunities to acquire new links?
  • Competitor analysis


  • Does the web site have a mobile friendly version?
  • Is the web site listed in Chrome Web Store?
  • Is there a native android app in Google Play?
  • Is there a native amazon app in Amazon Store?
  • Does the web site have a dedicated YouTube channel?