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If you think that your communications budget should be spent on building a grassroots online foothold and drive real, organic traffic, instead of going up in smoke buying online ads
If you are not afraid of working with people who deliver results instead of nice-looking reports that say “sorry, nothing happened”
If you can handle constructive criticism and are ready for change
If you are looking for a partner, instead of yet another a supplier who’s afraid to lose you as an account

Then you have come to the right place.

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Simonas Rudaminas

Simonas Rudaminas

A seasoned professional in everything SEO, social networks and online branding, Simonas has created one of the largest online communities and Facebook pages in Lithuania: “We Love Lithuania”.

Something that started as a side project, “We Love Lithuania” has become living proof that success has little to do with financial firepower, and everything to do with experience and hard work.

We’ll start by auditing your website, analysing how it stands relatively to your competitors, and making recommendations on how to optimise it for maximum on-site search performance. At the same time, we’ll design the optimal keyword strategy, giving you the best bang for the buck in terms of long-tail keywords, backlinks and content.

Sarunas Barauskas

Sarunas Barauskas

Sarunas is a passionate programmer and copywriter, fluent in English, French and Lithuanian, with a background in computer science and finance.

An outspoken critic of the digital advertising ecosystem, he made waves with his investigative research pieces, like “Google: End of The Online Advertising Bubble” (quoted by CNBC, Der Spiegel, The Guardian, Seeking Alpha, etc.), before joining Simonas to fight the system… in a different way.

Once we agree on a medium-term strategy, it will usually take us three to six months of tenacious work to build up a backlink structure for your website. We’re talking real backlinks there, that bring in real visitors and get validated by search engines.

We live and thrive by growing our clients’ organic traffic and conversion rates. There are no shortcuts in a successful SEO operation. Whenever something will look like magic on your monthly traffic or sales report, we can tell you in advance: it was all hard work and experience.

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